• What makes pet owners on a buying spree?

    New Jersey, USA: The latest Pet Backpack market Insight (forecast from 2020 to 2027) released by Market Analytics encourages customers to make strategic business decisions and understand the competitive advantages of the industry and the strategies of key players. The market. The addition of the ...
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  • My wonderful encounter during the new coronavirus—— My new life and new friend

    Looking back over the past nine months, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pneumonia pandemic in the United States, I believe you also realize how much life has changed. On a global scale, we have all witnessed many life changes in the epidemic experience. Personally, I have experienced some cons...
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  • 2020 Best dog toys for chewy

    Therefore, you have a new puppy. At first, he was an angelic angel, but now he is chewing on blankets, shoes and anything else that can be put on his paws. What will the dog owner do? The strange thing is that your puppy may just be teething, or he may feel stressed or bored. A quick solution is ...
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  • Is it necessary to dress dogs in winter?

    There are many people have the opinion that dog shouldn’t wear the clothes. But isn’t an necessary idea?# dog winter clothes#dog clothes#pet warm wearings Although dogs have hair, not all dogs can resist the cold. In the dog world, different breeds of dogs have different resistance to...
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  • December Pet Holiday Guide – Christmas Section

    Do you remember how you used to spend Christmas? Wonderful music, colorful lights, delicious dinner party, happy and relaxed family, friends accompanied by you, glittering gift box lying under the twinkling Christmas tree, everything is beautiful to remember… How are you going to spend You...
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  • Black Friday dog supplies list

    Black Friday is a time for holiday shopping, which includes gifts for your pet. (After all, they are also one family.) Popular retailers including Amazon, Wayfair, and Chewy have amazing pet necessities such as Bissell IconPet vacuum cleaners, foldable dog cages, and even dog DNA test kits. Offer...
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  • Guidance of having a good time with your pet at festivals

    Hey, friends, carefully flip the calendar, Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, how to let the lovely four-legged friends into it? From chewing pet toys to smart electronic pet toys, the IHOME pet supplies team counts four of your most popular pet toys. “More and more people are alienating u...
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  • Have you seen the big changes in pet life in the post-2020 epidemic era?

    Have you seen the big changes in pet life in the post-2020 epidemic era?

    Keywords: COVID-19, pets, Dog Domestic Supplies Affected by the COVID-19 of 2020, our scope of activities is gradually shrinking, family life, office style and so on have undergone tremendous changes. And in some ways, there is always something to be comforted —— our family intimacy has been gre...
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  • Shopping list reveals the mystery of pet character

    Because of the fear of coronavirus, the travel plans can’t meet the holiday demand, so consumers turn to the Internet to find the experience that can be directly treated with dopamine. This leads to the prosperity of the online shopping business, and a list of pet products can vaguely see t...
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  • Top 10 Secrets to a happy pet life

    Top 10 Secrets to a happy pet life

    For most families, pets are the main things in the world, and their happiness and well-being are our top priority.On “Love Your Pet Day” , the Dog Foundation shared some important tips on how to show more love to animals. 1. Treasure hunting-hide some dogs’ favorite snacks in di...
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  • Please,Don’t blame your pet for breaking up the house.

    Many people complain that pets bite furniture and shoes at home. That’s because dogs have a natural desire to chew. They don’t reason like humans. For dogs, everything can be chewed, and they can tell apart by sniffing and biting. When I was a child, I made the same mistake to my supe...
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  • What do you need to do to stop being bothered by the pet’s “poo problem”

    One of the problems plaguing many pet owners is dealing with the excretion of pets. Although these are unpleasant and even more difficult to intervene, these problems can be solved through correct training guidance and efficient tools. Especially in the deadly pandemic of coronavirus, you still h...
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